Recovery Tips from a Crazy Weekend Party

Going out with the squad can give us a significant mood boost. Stress does kill us. And once in a while, we must let it all loose for the sake of having fun. But getting drowned in a pool of alcoholic drinks, and immersed in a psychedelic trip can make our body worn out and wasted. Also, not knowing the right ways to recover will result in long-term health damage. It is essential to maintain our health because what we want is to have fun, and not to get sick.

Dealing with Hangover

There are many suggestions out there telling you the right recipes to the elixir that can cure a hangover. And here, we are going to discuss only the tested ones. You can save your time from trying recipes that will never work.

Before the Chugging

beers in an ice bucket

We mostly think of a solution after the problem has occurred. But in reality, prevention is more efficient and possible in overcoming a hangover. Our body’s tolerance over alcohol intoxication depends on the last meal we eat. And the magic food that can boost alcohol tolerance is anything fatty. Steaks, sausages, cheese, lasagna, or even fast food as simple as fried chickens, slow body’s alcohol absorption.

After the Drinks

There are only two scientific ways to cure a hangover: taking Aspirin before sleeping and eating eggs for breakfast. Aspirin will relieve your headache, while the protein in eggs, called cysteine, will break down alcohol in the body.

Recovering from a Psychedelic Trip

whiskey and pillsPeople get high on pills, acid, or weed in a party. And instead of pretending that such a situation is not going to happen, it will be better to get knowledgeable about how to deal with it.

The first thing you need to realize is that you will not know when you are required to do a drug test. You must be concerned about this issue, especially if you are an office worker. A wild night may seem like a lot of fun, but then your whole career will be at stake.

The second thing about using drugs is that the chemicals will stay in your system for about 30 days. Weed is the least harmful psychedelic substance, but it is notorious for its long stay within the body because it is stored within the fat cells.

The third thing to know is that the most common drug test is the urine test. And to pass it, you can either do it the right ways or the cheating ones. You can detox your system by eating healthy meals and being abstinent for months. Or, with the right advice, you can buy fresh urine to later use it as a substitute when needed.

Getting Sun Exposure

a party manA wild party is most likely to guide you to end up wasted for the whole day. But staying in bed and not getting the sunlight will make your condition worse. Sun exposure is vital to after-party recovery, regardless of anything that you have done.

Take a walk in the park, and you should enjoy the sun. It will encourage your metabolism to flush all the toxic chemicals you have ingested during the party. Sunlight will also prevent you from having that pothead’s red eyes. Your blood will circulate better, and you can recover quickly.